Introducing the family...

The Joneses are made up of several creative artists and independent family members who  collaborate on many levels.  Raised on a farm in Colorado, the family developed a unique October event for the local community called "PumpkinFest". Thousands attend each year to pick out their pumpkins and enjoy an afternoon of family entertainment in the corn maze, haunted house, and game areas.


Each member has developed their own skills  ranging from fine arts to design and custom jewelry making.   

The parents are Dick and Bobbe Jones. Dick is a retired builder and maintains the Jones Farm. Bobbe always pursued art and writing, but raising the family came first.  She recently retired from a manager position at the local rural electric cooperative where she was the editor of a monthly magazine for over 12,000 members.

The son, Bud, is a master electrician who is a self-taught jewelry designer.  Daughter, Julie, graduated with an art degree from Mesa State University in Grand Junction, Colorado in 2005. Daughter, Jennifer, is employed at a 5-star hotel in Aspen, Colorado and helps with marketing, video, and working during family events.