My Collection

My collection consists of the things I love to paint: wildlife, pets, winged creatures, antiques and people. My medium of choice is oil, however; I also enjoy the freedom of watercolor.

Your Pet

I have been painting pet portraits since 2006. These personal gifts bring tremendous joy to the owners and memorialize the love they feel for their pet.


I considered myself an artist, even as a child. Growing up in a non-artistic family meant that I sketched and painted on my own to discover techniques that worked for me.  My life's journey provided limited opportunities to stretch my talents through formal training. I continued to practice, purchased art books of my favorite artists and tried out "how to" book techniques for oils and watercolors.  By the age of twenty-five, I was married and a mother.  Art remained a hobby with a few commissioned pieces along the way.

I enjoy working with oil paints and watercolor pencils and paints, although they differ greatly. I don't consider watercolor an inherently impressionistic medium and have a tendency to use it in a more realistic fashion. Some who see my watercolors doubt that they were created with that medium. 

I love painting what I see in nature: flowers, mountains, animals, birds and people. It's what makes me happy.  Now that our children are adults and I have retired from full time work, I am committed to my art. 


Closeup of a Black Dog