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“Art is a visual journey that lasts a lifetime.”

Bobbe Jones, Artist

Your favorite animal, person, place or vehicle can be a memorialized with a commissioned oil painting. Family artists work with you to create a lasting treasure. 

Oil Paintings on Linen Canvas are priced as follows: 

8" x 10"  - $470

12" x 12" - $840

11" x 14"  - $900

16" x 20" - $1870

18" x 24" - $2500

Larger canvases will be negotiated. Frames and shipping costs are not included in the price. 

Carriker Ranch

The Carriker Ranch landscape was a 40th anniversary gift for the parents of two amazing young ladies.  This 16x20 oil on linen canvas was completed in December 2020.

Dellinger Watercolor small image

Watercolor painting commissioned in 2016 hangs in the customer's family room. It incorporates the family's favorite hiking place in Glacier National Park, Montana with some of the children walking with their father.


Blue, my daughter's Great Dane puppy, was exhausted one hot summer's evening when I took a photo of him on our porch. This watercolor pencil portrait hangs in our home.

Gentry and Ike

"Gentry and Ike"  is a watercolor and pencil portrait in the artist's collection.


Spencer, a Bassett Hound, loved sleeping next to his owner's Christmas tree and watching for Santa. The portrait was created with watercolor pencil on heavy paper.


Bentley, a Valley Bulldog, lived at our farm for several years. He had a ton of personality and won our hearts. This portrait is watercolor pencil on watercolor cold press paper.


This beautiful cat named Rico visited us during a stay in Costa Rica. His memory sparked his portrait created in watercolor pencil and watercolor on cold press paper.


Meeker Dog Trail Entry - 24x36 oil on linen

First Dog Portrait

My first commissioned portrait was created in 2007 with watercolor pencil.

Bumble Bees

Gladiolas from my garden were the inspiration for this bumblebee oil painting.

Costa Rica

My husband, my daughter and I enjoyed a day of ocean cruising in Costa Rica. This watercolor is a memory of that special day.

Evening Treasures

Shells collected from trips to the Bahamas are memorialized in this watercolor.

Scooter & Dudley

Scooter and Dudley is a watercolor pencil portrait painted in 2007 for a client.

Presentation of Dog Portrait

A pet portrait makes a wonderful gift for a cherished friend or family member.

Safe Makeover

I painted the door of this renovated safe that currently resides in the owner's living room.

Safe Makeover - Second Phase

Inner doors of the safe list the patent dates of the safe and the original owner.